In Poland, two trains collided: there are victims


The collision of two trains in Poland caused the deaths of 14 people, more than 60 passengers suffered multiple injuries. Now, as you know, continues to be carried out the rescue operation of the victims. The incident, as reported by local media sources, occurred in Szczekociny (Upper Silesia). Two compositions were directed toward each other, moving on the same track. One of the trains going from Przemysl in Poland’s capital, Warsaw, while the other followed him to meet from Warsaw to Krakow. Experts note that it is unclear exactly how the second part could be on the same path.

According to Yaroslav Wojtasik, a spokesman for the fire service, the difficulty encountered in the operation to rescue the injured passengers, mainly associated with severe deformation of the two compounds, as a result of the collision. The Minister of Transport of Poland Slawomir Nowak, meanwhile, described the incident as a tragedy of the most serious accidents that have occurred over the past few years on the railroad.

So, at the scene were immediately sent about 200 fire rescue services, several helicopters and dozens of coaches shut up care. All the victims were taken to the district hospital.

The exact number of victims of the train accident in Poland amounted to only 13 people, as reported by physicians with no official confirmation of the figures.

Recall that the collision was so strong that both the composition derailed, and several cars were badly mangled.

The specialists found that the train traveling from Warsaw, was to follow a completely different path. How and why he did not come out the way, remains unclear. We also know that in the area of accident on railway routes were carried out minor repairs, as the news agency Associated Press.

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