Elgin platform in the North Sea can not put out the flames


Strong flame until you can not put out on an oil platform in the North Sea, where three days ago there was a gas leak and were quickly evacuated all workers. Experts fear that if the flame reaches the clouds of gas, on the site of the accident may occur a huge explosion.

Representatives of the oil company Total reported that the cloud of gas leaked was much lower altitude than the flames that emerged on the platform of Elgin. According to them, the fire continued to burn when the platform was evacuated all the workers. They also noted that the flame was extinguished deliberately, in order to eliminate excess gas in the industrial platform. However, contrary to the expectations of specialists of the oil giant fire at the oil platform does not cease.

A huge cloud of gas, as reported by BBC, rose into the air above the sea and surrounds the base platform. Flames of fire is 90 meters above the gas accumulation.

Heynsvorf David (David Hainsworth), the head of security of the environment of the company Total, said that the earlier information provided by relatively flame was wrong. He also noted that the flame "stays" and "probably the size will not decrease." None of the experts does not dare to estimate the time when the fire is completely extinguished.

Recall that on Monday 26 March, more than 230 employees of the British oil platform Elgin, located in the North Sea were urgently evacuated due to a major gas leak on it.

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