Scientists predict a new devastating tsunami in Japan


Japanese seismic services reported a high probability of strong earthquake, which is expected in the fault Nankai, located on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to the east of the main island of Honshu. In the case of a powerful earthquake, the country of the rising sun may again threaten the devastating tsunami, the height of which is, according to experts, up to 30 meters.

According to information provided in the report of the special commission of experts established by the Japanese government, the tremors in this area can be very likely to expect in the next ten years. The last earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1 points, registered in the fault Nankai happened in 1946. Then the tsunami wave instantly destroyed more than 35,000 homes.

The publication of new data related to the revision of the state commission a study conducted in 2003. Then it was assumed that the tsunami should not be higher than 20 meters. But now the Japanese experts believe that in some parts of the 30-meter mark will be exceeded.

According to experts, in the most difficult situation would Kochi Prefecture (Shikoku) - the height of the destructive waves in this part of the country can reach 34.4 meters. The coastal area of Tokyo expect a wave height of 2.3 meters.

Experts have expressed particular concern about the fact that this earthquake provoked a wave comes much earlier than the end of its aftershocks. The commission of experts is busy at present a thorough study in an attempt to determine which areas of Japan hardest hit by such a powerful and devastating impact of elements.

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