On the French nuclear power plants were shut down due to a fire reactors


The nuclear power plant "Penley", located in the French department of Seine-Maritime, smoke was the cause of stopping the reactor, as the agency "Interfax".

According to the operator of a small nuclear power plant accident took place in the building of reactor number 2. As representatives of EDF, no injuries among the workers, and the threat of nuclear safety is also unavailable. At a time when the sensors on the station recorded the presence of smoke, the reactor itself automatically stopped working.

EDF experts believe that the cause of the incident was the smoke, which was triggered by overheating of the pump is designed to pump water. When firefighters arrived on the scene there was no fire, but the smoke was coming from faulty equipment.

Meanwhile, as it became known later, as a result of loss of pressurization of the tank was a small leak of radioactive water. According to the company EDF, flowing water is collected in special tanks, and therefore pose no threat to the environment.

Press-service of the company informed that the cooling of the reactor was transferred to the regular mode.

Nuclear power plant "Penley", which is on the shore of the English Channel, was launched in 1990. It is equipped with two huge water nuclear reactors, power each - 1,300 megawatts.

In January 2009, the leadership of France, it was announced that "Painleve" plan to install an additional new-generation reactor - EPR, which will come in 2017.

In France, as you know, twelve nuclear power plants account for about 79% of the electricity in the whole country, just as the state operates 56 such reactors.

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