In India crashed steam: there are victims


In the state of Assam, which is located in eastern India sank a ferry that was carrying at least 250 people, as reported by Agence France-Presse. The sudden collapse of the ferry was on April 30, on the Brahmaputra river, which flows near the town of Dhubri, which has become a point of departure of the ship. According to preliminary data, yet managed to save only 50 passengers. The fate of all the other people are still unaccounted for.

However, the evidence cited by the agency Associated Press, a bit at odds with the previous ones, because according to their information on the ship only had about 200 people (the same information provided newspaper The New Indian Express). A publication Hindustan Times reports that the ferry was 300 people, 50 of them survived and 7 died. AFP news agency says the meantime about 35 dead and 75 missing passengers.

Experts note that the crash was due to bad weather. In particular, as reported by AFP, before the accident, a heavy storm.

At the crash site at the moment, as reported by Hindustan Times, profit rescue teams, which consist of police officers, border guards, and many volunteers.

Every year in the crash of the ferries as the publication on the river Brahmaputra killed about 50 people.

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