Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and solar storms - the researchers looked at the rhythm of disasters


Volcanoes and earthquakes can devastate entire regions. Modern infrastructure Solar storms threaten. How often the event of a major disaster? The researchers examined the time intervals that were shorter than what was expected.

Geo-researchers acquire the status of soothsayers misfortunes. They prevent many consider exaggerated and listen reluctantly. In addition, only in the last century, four million people died from natural disasters. Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes originally made our planet a dangerous place. Basically, we live in the intervals between disasters. How long these intervals? Scientists have determined the rhythm of solar storms, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. According to the analysis, these accidents occur more often than expected. On the basis of data on accidents in the last century, a geophysicist Jeffrey Lowe of the U.S. Geological Survey has estimated how often there are big disaster. Despite the uncertainty of the results, it was found that the sampling time is relatively small, but the numbers suggest that the severe natural disasters are more frequent:

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