In China, heavy rains have killed 14 people


The death toll from the strongest thunderstorms and showers that hit the north and south-west China has reached 14 people, as reported by the agency "Xinhua".

Rain, which began early in the morning on Saturday, lasted almost the whole day. Such precipitation was observed in the capital for 40 years, as noted by the local media. Of all the city has dropped 212 millimeters of rainfall, the highest level - 460 mm - was recorded in the suburbs of Fangshan, as reported by the news agency Reuters.

Bad weather caused the cancellation of 475 flights and delayed about 80 flights in Beijing Capital International Airport. Flooded streets paralyzed the movement of private and public land transport mode. Metro continues to operate without interruption, as passed in to Reuters, but the flow of passengers has increased significantly. Urban roads are quite unsuitable for vehicles. In some areas of the city on Sunday night, the water level rises above the machines. Among the ten residents who died in the disaster, according to local TV channel, was the man who drowned in his own car.

According to the city government, on the outskirts of the heavily flooded areas were urgently evacuated 145,000 residents. Although Beijing on Sunday morning and the weather is sunny normal, experts continue to closely monitor the edge of the city for fear of landslides and debris flows in mountain areas near the Chinese capital.

According to local media, rainy Saturday stood out not only in Beijing but also in many other parts of China. Heavy precipitation events have been observed in the provinces of Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Sichuan and Chongqing and Tianjin cities.

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