Because of the hurricane "Sandy" in the United States have canceled 15,000 flights


The total number of canceled flights to the United States because of the hurricane "Sandy" has already reached 15,000, according to news agency AFP.

The hurricane raged on Tuesday night, the first in the Caribbean, killing more than 60 people, reached the eastern hurricane "Sandy" and weakened to a storm. However, a formal change in the degree of power as long as the elements does not mean that the danger of a hurricane reduced because wind power is not at all weakened and reaches almost 135 km / h

At the moment, we know of 13 victims affected by the hurricane "Sandy" in the United States and Canada. The five New York City residents as a result of rampant disaster killed, the hurricane also took the lives of the people of New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and a resident of Toronto. The cause of death in particular became falling trees, massive billboards and signs. In the United States are currently about 3 million people remain without electricity. Severe flooding recorded in New York, the water level rose to 4 meters in an area of the city were completely flooded the city subway tunnels, the work of public transport is almost completely paralyzed.

The hurricane has caused chaos in air communication. According to information from AFP, referring to the information received from the U.S. aviation authorities at least 1,371 flights were canceled on Sunday as "Sandy" was just beginning to approach the east of the United States. On Monday, already has been canceled flight 7744, including more than 4,000 flights in Philadelphia and three airports in New York.

The European Organization for the control of air space Eurocontrol said that some 300 regular and more than 500 flights between Europe and the United States canceled today. On the ground and the aircraft were to be to operate flights between Hong Kong and New York. Have been canceled and some flights from India, Canada, Japan, Mexico and several countries in Latin America.

Because of the approaching hurricane "Sandy" earlier representatives of the leading U.S. airlines, announced the abolition of fines and various fees for passengers who want to take their flight at a different time. Some airlines also promised to pay compensation to all passengers if their flight is delayed more than 2 hours.

First it was reported that due to the impending hurricane between the major cities of the north-eastern part of the United States stopped working rail and bus service. For passengers who choose not to go in mind the weather conditions, who bought tickets for the train company Amtrak will return the full amount for the tickets or will issue vouchers for travel in the future.

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