In Jakarta due to flooding were evacuated about a thousand inhabitants


Flooding in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, caused by heavy rains completely paralyzed traffic in some areas of the metropolis and forcing authorities to evacuate nearly a thousand people, reports the newspaper Jakarta Globe

According to the statement Harp Akili (Arfan Akili), Chairman of the Moscow Office of Disaster water level in some areas of the city, located at the peak of the disaster, went up to 2.5 meters. "In East Jakarta height of water a little earlier ranged from 30 to 250 centimeters, but at the moment it dropped to 10-50 centimeters," - he said.

In Jakarta, a total of last night, 953 people were evacuated in several areas of the city with the rescue work carried out on the boats, as Akili added. "In addition to material losses and casualties there" - he said.

Due to the floods in Jakarta, the Indonesian media as reported over the weekend three people were killed. Meanwhile, the National Directorate of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (NUMKG) Indonesia has made a warning that the peak of the flood is yet to come. The highest rainfall, according to weather forecasters, the fall in the city in December.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Indonesia has announced Jakarta, Bandung and Semarang - the three largest cities in the country - in this month’s "zone alarm" due to subsidence of soil in there mind active consumption of groundwater. The capital of Indonesia is "drowning" the rate of about ten centimeters a year. As reported by the national media, more than half of the capital now lies below sea level, so many areas of Jakarta in the rainy season and are flooded: Set of powerful pumps are designed for pumping water, no longer do their job.

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