The Iranian authorities have declared three days of mourning for quake victims


Three days of mourning for those killed due to the earthquake in the south-west of the country has been declared by the Iranian authorities, local television reports. Earlier it was reported that at least 30 people were killed in the disaster, and about 800 people were injured to varying degrees.

According to Mahmud Muzaffar, head of the Iranian branch of the Red Crescent Society of the village such as Bagan and Sanaa, located near the town of Kaki, were completely destroyed.

Also, the Iranian IRNA news agency received a report about the devastation in Kaki has a population of about 10,000 people. The city is located in the Iranian province of Bushehr.

Earlier, representatives of the U.S. Geological Survey informed that on Tuesday, April 9, the area of the city of Bushehr - the provincial capital - An earthquake measuring 6.3 and 5.4 points. The epicenter of the tremors was located at a depth of 10 kilometers at 60 and 90 km south-east of the city.

Not far from the Bushehr nuclear power plant is located, but it is not affected by the earthquake.

A series of aftershocks and the residents felt the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. All employees of high-rise buildings were immediately evacuated for safety reasons.

Earlier on Sunday, the weak tremors were felt in neighboring areas.

Iran is known to be located in a seismic zone, so there are earthquakes periodically.

In 2003, an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 points claimed the lives of about 26,000 people and nearly flattened the historic southeastern city of Bam.

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