A strong earthquake occurred in Japan: the number of victims has reached 19


An earthquake measuring 6.0 points occurred in the southwest of the Japanese island of Honshu. Strong tremors were recorded geological service on Saturday, April 13, at about 5:30 am local time.

The epicenter of the earthquake, according to the information the U.S. Geological Survey, is located approximately 9 kilometers north-west of Sumoto, 20 kilometers south-east of fukuro. The tremors were recorded at a depth of 14 kilometers around the island of Awaji, located in the Inland Sea of Japan.

As the channel NHK, the earthquake, which was felt in prefectures such as Hyogo, Tokushima, Osaka and Fukui, suffered about 19 people. Most of them are elderly.

The Crisis Staff was established under the Government of Japan. Local authorities ordered to find out the degree of probability of failure of the various buildings and do everything possible to help all the victims.

Secretary-General of the Japanese government said that "as long as information about any significant damage has been received, the country’s nuclear power plants were not injured."

Recall that in the same region of Japan in March of 2011 An earthquake measuring 9.0 points, followed by a huge tsunami struck the coast of the country. From the disaster killed about 20,000 people. Moreover, natural disasters have caused an accident at a nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", where there was a radiation leak.

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