Five states in the U.S. have suffered from a series of tornadoes


On Sunday evening, May 19 and the morning of Monday, May 20 series of tornadoes struck the five U.S. states - Iowa, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. As a result, according to the channel CNN, one person was killed. By Sunday evening about 26 tornadoes swept over the United States.

The victim of a natural disaster became a 79-year-old man, who according to some sources had been a resident of Oklahoma campus trailer, according to other sources - he lived in the city of Shawnee (Shawnee). More than 20 residents of the state appealed to the hospital for medical treatment, said citing local authorities an international agency Associated Press.

U.S. National Weather Service on Sunday repeatedly warned of the approach of strong tornadoes. Some locals were only half an hour in search of shelter.

Mary Fellin (Mary Fallin), Governor of Oklahoma announced in 16 districts of the state of emergency. They are most affected by tornadoes, floods and severe storms. This status has allowed local authorities to immediately provide rapid assistance to all people affected by the disaster, and also qualify for support from the federal government.

In the north, the United States, as well as in the central part of North America during the tornado lasted for 5 days. On Wednesday, May 15, in Texas eight people were killed as a result of several atmospheric vortices.

Tornado - it’s part of the phenomena occurring, usually in the spring in the Great Plains in the United States. Their formation occurs at a meeting of warm air masses from the Gulf of Mexico with cool air in the Arctic. From tornadoes in the United States in 2011 545 people were killed, which was, according to experts, the highest since 1936.

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