Property abroad - are investing


World economic crisis, Cator only recently caused a general panic, gradually fades away and despite the fact that almost all the experts say about the victory over him, thawing markets will not even and gradual. These circumstances require a special method of post-crisis investment.

Investing in property abroad - quite an effective tool. Earlier this tool was extremely picky about the amount of initial investment, but the crisis has forced to lower the bar. Today, for entry into the overseas property market requires forty or fifty thousand dollars.

Note that the international real estate market has a lot of support tools:

Mortgage. When it comes to taxation, the word mortgage, is terrifying for the Russian market, takes an entirely different sound. Interest rates issued by the mortgage, at the level of 5-8 per cent, which is unattainable for the Russian market. That is, there is a great opportunity for investment and risk negligible buy overseas property. Thus, the villa in Marbella - a pass to the credit market in Europe.

Lizbek. Lizbek or otherwise guaranteed rental - investment instrument, which allows one to increase revenue by renting the purchased property to rent. Well-known in France for a long time, leaseback proved himself as an excellent tool investment. Buy an apartment in Paris or property in San Remo and, moreover, to use it only part of the year is not reasonable, much more correct to take it on the time of hiring.

At the same time, the technology Real estate rental has been perfected and proven experience. Every major agency that provides suggestions Lizbek in France, has a trust and debugged connections with administrators in Paris and other cities.

Apply yourself a sophisticated tool investing as real estate abroad, of course, unreasonable. Even buy a villa Sardinia is not easy - you need to know the characteristics of the area and counties, constantly monitor the development of the infrastructure of the city.


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