Russian bath.


Own country house in the country - the dream of almost every person. A perfect complement country-house, of course, is chopped bath, which is also a decoration for your site. Without the bathhouse adjacent land looks unfinished, and rest is defective.

It is known that the wooden Russian bath is a place for physical and spiritual purification of the body. How nice to take a birch broom and sincerely warm up in the chopped Russian bathhouse. This expels Russian pair from the body not only dirt, but all adverse elements. And if you have a bath with a pool, this is great, because there is nothing more beautiful than after a stay in a hot steam room to plunge into the cool water. Coping with the disease in the bath helps oak or fir broom, which cleanses the body of painful ailments.

It should be noted that for the steam room, the ideal temperature conditions is 50-70 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity should not exceed seventy percent. If you have a country plot with a house, but no bath, and you do not want to engage in self-construction, contact, basic specialization is the key to the room under the stove and all that is needed.

Skilled professionals working in this company, is pleased to create for you a complete project design and baths to suit all your requirements and preferences. According to the draft of your country house, you can easily select your desired chopped bath sizes and dimensions. If adjacent to the country house area does not have enough free space, you can build a little bathhouse. If you have a large area, it is best to build a large Russian bathhouse with a swimming pool and terrace. The standard layout is bathhouse dressing room, steam room and a room for washing.

Ideal for bath walls are the walls made of wood, brick or natural stone. Each building material has its own nuances, features, pros and cons. Bath of brick or stone building material-consuming and complicated in construction. The advantages of these baths can be attributed to the increased level of fire resistance and long service life. The only disadvantage of these baths is a high level of thermal performance. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the winter in the brick bath, you need to install additional heating system. The best option, of course are the wooden baths.

According to some builders, wooden baths in many ways superior to brick and stone counterparts. The features wooden bathhouses are: environmental friendliness, durability, affordability, and ease of construction. Today, there are several methods of construction baths on suburban gardens. Most often, for the construction of baths used freshly cut wood, logs or boards. At present, the predominant number of buyers choose frame-panel bath designs are low cost, ease of installation and excellent thermal insulation. Remember that building a wooden bath needs only to trust the professional webmaster, since this process requires certain skills.

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