Tools used for plastering


The tools that are used during plastering, simple enough. They are sold in every specialty store.

To maintain the portion of the solution in the course of drawing his blade on the work surface, as well as leveling already done composition and its direct namazyvanii experts use the so-called falcon. He is a shield made of plywood or boards about sixteen millimeters thick with a handle in the center.

Plaster spatula used for mixing mortar, laying it on the falcon, nakidyvaniya, spreading and further leveling mix on the surface. In addition, the tool used for cutting cracks and other purposes.

Another tool of professional plasterers - poluterok. It is also used for spreading and leveling composition. Its size can be very different. So, for major works usually take poluterok with long blade 7 cm, a width of 1 cm, thickness 0.2 cm And carve corners and plastering in places where you have to be extremely careful in order to, for example, does not stain the door, plastic window sills or desirable spreader smaller: Dina 2.5 cm, width 0.5 cm and thickness of 0.05 cm

Grout plaster layer is carried out using the grater made of softwood. And her painting should be perfectly flat and smooth. The presence of any knots or burr is unacceptable. In some cases, in order to maximize the flatness of coverage to the working surface of the tool nailed piece of thick felt or felt.

But check how even turned iced layer, you can use the rules. Is the name of the device in the form of a long planed slats. Used when applying the rule of lighthouses and finishing slopes.

Prepare the wall for upcoming operations, purify them from the old wallpaper, Nabeul, paper and various contaminants best metal scrapers or brushes. On level ground scrapers used more widely, and on uneven - already, to leave as little as possible omissions, and hence the effectiveness of their ochischat.Nasechku surfaces conduct Trojan Women (chisel with three notches), hammered (with a hammer weighing more than one kilogram with fine rifling in both edges) or a rack-wheel (Troyanka larger size and with more cuts).

To restore coverage in areas where it otbilos from the base, you will need a complete set of tools needed for this type of work.

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