Slovakia left the world without a champion


Continues to disappoint and surprise Mundial. Teams of the group D match was yet another confirmation nizkoprobnosti and dullness, at least group competitions South African World Cup.

Tension and nervousness lacking in both matches of the group. Especially because, at least in theory, but the chance to continue the fight had all four teams. They waged a desperate struggle. But here is what is called a class and skill as a team and individual play in these confrontations, we have not seen, writes said about playing the Ukrainian team in the last qualifying round of the legendary player of Lviv "Karpaty" Stepan Yurchishin " They do not play, and suffer on the field ... ". The same words can be characterized and play teams of Group D in the final round, because all of the tactical and technical actions of players without a corresponding account on the scoreboard - the illusion of football. And the level of the World Cup to redeem us from the illusory game. Not for nothing did we wait for this festival four years for which the championships and at home "naidaemos" of such psevdovidovischa.Konechno also expressed the position could be argued, saying that goals are the same ... Yes, but how many tortured, such as wards of the German national team coach Loew, until one time to "reach" grid Ghanaian gate? Note, not Brazilian or Argentine and Ghanaian! Where and Germany, which are outcasts in this tournament Australia? How many mistakes in defense? .. Or take the same Serbian national team. The impression that she had come to the World Cup, only to beat the German team ... Who deserves understanding and a kind word, it is Australia’s national team. Not belonging to the group of favorites, she bravely went through bullying German players (1:4) and received in the following matches 4 of the 6 possible points, proving that came to this league is not an extra, but it is fighting edinitsey.I football team in Germany, and the team of Ghana, released in 1/8 finals will not just be in this stage of the tournament. The more so because they are opposed to it, respectively, of the England team and SShA.Prosto fantastic strike by favoritizovanoy Vanity world champions - the Italians - inflicted on Thursday Slovak national team players. Demonstrating ostroatakuyuschy dynamic football, they forced the opponent to feel not the world champions, and whipping boys. And do not tripped on which the Italians traditionally hard to come these tournaments, and then later gaining moves. Slovaks simply "turn off the current" Italian electric locomotive, and he, despite some efforts, remained at the end of the standings. A wards Vladimir Weiss deserved, and to the great joy of his countrymen to continue performing at Mundiale.Ne especially overloading yourself gusts up to win, have reduced to zero, bargain itself, a draw match with New Zealand and the Paraguayans. It seems they are more interested in the safety of their own goal, not happiness - in other people. However, this point was enough for them to take the first place in the group and get to the 1/8 finals ...

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