Office computer addiction


And now the question: who, then, are the game? ... It turns out that for adolescents and very young people - that is, playing them is an age in which the formation of the personality - staging their rules of life, making a judgment about the world, world, there is a creation of thought, determination of interest in science, finding knowledge, training - yes the same study in school! So, all the countless myriads, a variety of computer entertainment created for them - for people living or just come into life. The whole seamy, dirt, images of evil under the guise of an incredibly attractive, pornography in a very special, unprecedented scale, sadomasochism, pervasive demonic finally - all carefully presented to them, "young men", "hope", "younger generation". And who else? Psychologists long ago, more than a decade ago, the notion of "computer addiction", in America and Europe is a little "help centers", "computer addiction services," etc. The fact that computer addiction at the moment almost equivalent to the drug - it is not some child’s toy, do not underestimate the reality!

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