Hydroplaning - a real risk on the road


Unpleasant effect of aquaplaning is known to all drivers. It occurs when the surface of checkers between the tread and the road surface is water film, and from the school physics course knows that wet friction is much less dry, so the car grip the road surface is deteriorating, with all their negative implications. The most dangerous kind of effect is the moment when the car drives at high speed in a puddle, or during heavy rain. Besides the fact that with a strong burst of water is limited to review of the car at the time of manifestation of the effect of hydroplaning wheel can pull sharply. But the main problem - reducing the coefficient of friction with the road surface, on which the car can go into a skid and fly out of the way.

How to deal with aquaplaning?

The force with which the effect manifests itself will depend on many factors. First of all, the vehicle speed. When it is too high, the clamping force is reduced, and the probability of hydroplaning is much higher. In addition, the clamping force depends on the mass of the car, the higher it is, so, consequently, more that force. But the main way to combat aquaplaning tires are properly fitted. Whatever the weight of the vehicle or its speed, if there is no way to remove water from the tread contact patch with the road surface, the undesirable effect would still be observed. To do this on the tire tread made special grooves in which the moisture and discharged. But all the reasons should be considered in the complex. No matter how good the tire is constantly there is a certain maximum depth of immersion in water, as well as the speed at which will still show this phenomenon. That is why even the best setting tires, the driver of a second should not relax, especially if the trip is made on a wet or covered shugoy Drogo.

In the development of the tire tread, designed for driving on a wet road, professionals just interested in the dependence of its grip on the vehicle speed and the thickness of the water film. In order to ensure continuous and stable grip at high speed on a road which is covered with water, there are two basic techniques. Main - the form of the tread, which is coated with a special rainwater groove. When zooming in on another area of the tread water in these grooves just pushed away from the tire contact patch with the road surface. But this is not enough, therefore, to withdraw water from the contact points between the tread sticks to the road, they began to be applied slats that simultaneously increase traction. And in order to secure success, experts have developed a special porous rubber compound, which is like a sponge absorbs moisture on contact of the tread to the road as a result of a car traveling in almost dry.

Still protector!

A few more words about the shape of the tread. Modern summer tires designed for driving on wet roads, often made with directional V-shaped protector which multiple tests as shown best resists aquaplaning effect. It works like a water wheel blades which raking water present on the road surface, leaving nothing and pushes it along the grooves which are arranged obliquely to the direction of movement, whereby the water rapidly leaves the contact patch of the tread with the road surface. This type of protector is especially popular in the tires, which are slightly wider than the base size, designed for the vehicle. After all, an increase in the width of the tire automatically assumes a greater contact patch, and thus a greater risk of developing the effect of aquaplaning. And the use of directional projector with deep drainage grooves can solve this problem by keeping good handling and enhanced safety on wet and slippery roads.

Tire manufacturers have learned enough to deal effectively with impaired handling of the car in the wet, but be sure to keep in mind that any, even a super-modern equipment can not be fully eliminated the human factor, so caution and common sense should prevail on the road.


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