1st Federal Youth Competition of innovative projects


Space solutions for life and business

1st Municipal Center for Space Services invites you to take part in I federal youth competition of innovative projects "Space solutions for life and business" media sponsor of the event.

It is no secret that Russia has created a unique space capabilities, and based on the experience of Western countries has become clear that the use of space activities can significantly increase the effectiveness of many types of activities. However, until recently, its practical application is not enough attention has been paid.

Today, the primary task is to modernize the Russian economy and the translation to innovative development. The decision by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2010, a decision on the introduction of technologies GONASS active in the socio-economic development of the Russian regions, confirms the importance of space-based development to achieve the task. Innovative way of development can not be successfully implemented only through the development of existing scientific achievements. Need to motivate young scientists to generate new ideas and create on their basis of successful technology businesses to achieve the main goal - to improve the quality of life of the population.

Youth Competition of innovative projects "Space solutions for life and business" is to maintain the interest of scientists in the development of application solutions, using the results of space activities and to provide opportunities for the implementation of existing projects. Convenient format of the competition and free participation gives an opportunity to prove scientific team from any region of Russia.

Software Description



Press conference at RIA "Novosti" with representatives in the Advisory Council and the Board of Judges


Phase I

Collection of applications and the development of a database project


Phase II

Expert Council in Odintsovsky State Institute. Ranking of projects and determining the finalists.


Phase III

Meeting of the Board of Judges to the Congress - the center of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI). Presentation of the projects that have passed the final selection of the winners. The award ceremony.

The organizers of the competition

Chairman of the Jury

Grand Prix

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