Grand Prix "Space solutions for Life and Business"


Member with the most interesting project will be able to 2-week vacation in the Caribbean on a yacht "Delta", sent in support of the space services to circumnavigate the globe, which will be the first to navigate using only the Russian GLONASS system. Today, the stern has remained Russia’s rivers and lakes, the Baltic and the North Sea, English Channel, Bay of Biscay. Currently yacht in Lisbon and getting ready to head to the shores of America to the finale of the contest to reach the Caribbean.

Journey started on 12 June 2011. a few hundred meters from the Kremlin on Bersenevskaya waterfront. The main objective of the mission - to check the work of GLONASS in action and to answer the question: Can anyone recommend a civil consumer of Russian navigation system for safe navigation in all parts of the globe?

This is a unique project! Voyage around the world for the first time provides sailing yacht built at the Russian plant operated by a Russian crew and running exclusively under the Russian satellite system. Captain of the yacht - Andrew Nevzorov, yachtsman c more than 25 years of experience under sail, will lead the journey.

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