Sponsorship of the event "Space solutions for life and business"


Allowed the formation of sponsorship packages in accordance with the wishes and individual projects.

The composition of the sponsorship package information partner:

Assignment of the "Media Sponsor of the Competition";

Individual interviews with any partner of the Competition at a press conference in RIA "News" or expert meetings held by the Board or the Board of the Jury;

Placing a logo sponsor:

on the presentation materials of the Competition;

competition in advertising in print and online media;

invitations to bidders;

the banners are located in the halls in all phases of competition, including at a press conference in RIA "News";

Information on the conference materials.

Logo placement, information and active link to the Information Sponsor:

on the official website of the Competition www contest.ssc-1 ru;

on their own sites contest organizer www ssc-1 and ru www yahtadelta rf;

Participation in all events representative of the Competition with the right distribution of advertising self-printed and other products;

Presentation of the Diploma Information sponsors of the contest organizers;

In industrial refrigeration is advantageous to use the latest technology
The use of roofing materials in construction
Interior of the cabinet of the head
The unique draping curtains
Repair ceiling cornices