The dynamics of the universe


Will the Higgs boson been found? Or a source of gravity, and thus the original media is the particle mass with a different name - "preons"? Is our universe is part of a multiverse - of the universe, which consists of many universes? What caused its extension: a primary explosion, invisible dark matter, dark energy vacuum? Answers to these and other pressing questions of natural science, gives a new theoretical model of the world that identifies the reason for the emergence and expansion of the universe, the structure of its borders, the underlying mechanisms of gravity. According to this model, there are many universes. In each substance is involved in the physical interactions. The expansion of the universe is not due to an explosion, not dark matter and energy, and the properties of its borders.

The world model is based on the following axioms:

1. Our Universe - part of the cosmic universe, which is an array of many such universes. It has a face-centered cubic structure of hexagonal lattice, having maximum density and homogeneity. (Fig. 1). All the universes of the array formed at the same time, and expanded simultaneously.

Fig. 1. Hexagonal face-centered cubic lattice.

2. Expansion continues for billions of years and the merger is completed, when the universes radically change the environmental conditions. They will de-structuring of all the matter, after which any preconditions emergence of new universes that make up the same array with the same array, offset relative to the same. Repeated cycles of birth, expansion and merger of the alternation of generations of universes give their location, ie pulse array.

3. At each stage of expansion of all the universes of one array are of equal diameter, but can contain different amounts of the substance. We denote the total weight of the substance of the universe - the "M". In an array with the change of generations of universes is orderly redistribution and targeted delivery of the parameter M.

4. In addition to the array containing our universe, there are other similar arrays, the size of their radically different universes. Each of them acts as a tissue space with respect to the global universe subsequent level of hierarchy. Fabric of space at our level is an array of universes, which is several orders smaller microparticles. The time of their lives - a multi-million share of a second. They are galaxies, stars, planets, for which the fabric of space is similar to an array of multiple smaller universes. Our Universe - an element fabric of space nearest the macro level.

Most scientists are convinced that the fabric of space (another name - ether) does not exist. First, it contradicts the basic provisions of the presence of theoretical physics, and secondly, numerous attempts to identify as some of the material environment failed. But microuniverses which are elements of the array fabric of space, do not have anything to do with the material medium, which sought as ether. They do not directly interact with the matter of the universe, are not detected by physical methods. Below we show that the link between them and the material objects of our hierarchical level is the only redistribution of the parameter M for their ripple array.

Gravity - dissipative process

According to this model, our universe is finite. What is the limit of her? We hypothesized that this difference only variable parameter fabric of space - M. The mean value M abroad is higher than inside. Since the fabric of space during the surge in its elements redistributed parameter M, the boundary is constantly expanding, and through it receives the increment M, which make up the gradient structure of the fabric of space M such that M is transferred it is not laminar, and the waves. Consequently, the expansion of the boundaries of her deep into the universe wave motion parameter M. All the material objects of the universe interact with these waves and are not destroyed by them, as possess adequate resistance mechanisms.

The simplest mechanism for the stability of matter is the extreme value point M, in which the inflow and outflow of the parameter M are equal. This is because in the fabric ripple space extremum M undergoes dissipation and creates gradient around M. When M baseline parameter wave produced boundary universe impinge on the gradient M, they reduced the amplitude and the frequency increases. In fact, these waves are attracted to the extreme point where the amplitude drops to zero, and brought them for this parameter M is spent on dissipation. Background wave parameter M converge to the point of extremum is not a straight line, and on the involute, forming around a spherical wave packet, thanks to a steady balance of absorption and dissipation. Such a wave packet is a primary PM - "preons" which is the original building blocks of all matter in the universe. (Fig. 2). Note that the wave packets preons in the same direction of twist, ie they have the same chirality center. This is the reason the dominance of matter over antimatter in the universe.


Fig. 2. Preons

M gradient affects the speed and direction of movement as the background, and all other parameter waves M, including preons, causing their attraction. This gravitational field. The sources of gravity are preons and other tangible objects in the structures of which are extremes of M, subject to dissipation. Wave parameter M in the gradient are quanta of gravity, gravitons. In addition to material objects, the source of gravity is the region with the highest parameter M, located abroad universe. In expanding the boundaries, it decreases, and the change of the parameter M is constantly coming into the universe. Formed gradient M - the gravitational field, which gives the acceleration of the galaxies from flying.

The origin of universe

When the merger is completed expansion of the universe, within their boundaries, there are gaps. In contrast boundaries, they do not produce baseline parameter wave M feeding preons stability. As a result of the merger of areas deep into each universe is moving front decay preon. All material objects: galaxies, stars, planets ... become unstable and turn into waves flow parameter M, extending out into space. The structure of the hexagonal lattice of the cubic array of universes is that after a certain time after the beginning of a merger wave parameter M flows arising from the four neighboring universes collide at a point equidistant from their centers. Here is the bulk wave interference parameter M and formed numerous extremes of the parameter M. Those extremes, the value of which exceeds a certain threshold, the gain dissipative resistance and turn to preons. Since the background area birth preons parameter M is lower than around it, this zone is separated from the surrounding space difference M - a new frontier universe. She begins to grow at a constant rate and produces wave background, providing resistance preons. Thus, in all the cells of the array merged universes are generated universes new generation. Formed by the same young staggered array of universes. Repeated cycles of birth and merger gives the synchronous pulse array of universes.

The birth of new preons continues after the birth of the universe. Through its boundary of the four directions come decayed traces of previous universes of matter - wave parameter M. meeting, they again and again to form an interference grating with many extremes M, become stable preons.

The position of zones of origin preons near the center of the universe depends on the ratio of flows M parameter waves coming from different directions. As it changes, new preons are formed in different sectors of the universe. Preons form of particles, stars, galaxies, which are under the influence of the gravitational field boundaries scatter in the radial directions with equal acceleration. Areas of the world of the universe that are not occupied universes differ from the inner regions of the universes high value of the parameter M, and the fact that they do not have stable material structures.

Each universe inherits its full weight in the four universes progenitors, the boundaries of which have merged and leveled. From each of them, she gets a share of M, contained in the adjacent sector with it. If their equity contribution varied by sector metagalaxies distributed unevenly new universe. Such a sectoral principle in the matter of inheritance microuniverses causes transport direction parameter M in the fabric of space. Ripple array of fabric attached to the vacuum of space quantum structured. Pulse frequency kvantiruet over time.

From preons to quarks. The stability of matter

Is it possible to watch free preons? What stable wave structures are formed from preons, and how they provide their resilience?

Immediately after the birth of preons starts their mutual attraction. Since the chirality of the wave packets is the same, when two of them is the coherent superposition of waves of the parameter M, and formed a resonant wave packet, which is absorbed by the third nearby preons. This wave packet is a gluon - the carrier of the so-called strong coupling that connects the two preons with the third.

Combining the three preons in a single structure, the strong interaction changes the status of the preons. Now they are quarks. Elevation extremes M the quarks are not static. It reduces the emission of gluons and increases after its absorption. Accordingly, changing the gravitational field produced by a quark changes its gravitational mass. In each cycle, the strong interaction with the increased mass of the quark, which was formerly an acceptor devoured gluon approaches the one of the quark-old donors. This pair emits a new gluon, and another acceptor becomes the third quark, the remaining single. When the gluon emission offset gradient M (gravitational field) in the converging area between the two quarks, and then they separated. Stable structure of three quarks bound by the gravitational and derives from it a strong interaction, we called - "Probarion." It quarks exchanging gluons, orderly revolve around a common center. Probariony microparticles are precursors of the groups baryons, including protons and neutrons.

At the time of the birth of preons their speed relative to the fabric of space is equal to zero. This is because the process of expanding the boundaries of the origin of the universe is deterministic and independent of the material being stored in objects. Of preons formed probariony that also fixed in the coordinate system connected with the fabric of space. In contrast, all the material objects in our galaxy, as well as other galaxies are moving with increasing speed relative to the fabric of space. In moving baryons mechanisms of resistance is much more difficult than that of their predecessors fixed. They involve not only the gravitational and strong interactions, but weak, and electromagnetic interactions. The quarks that make up these baryons, in addition to gluons exchanged mesons, bosons. Their trajectories inside the baryons difficult paths primary quarks in probarionah, and the mass exceeds the mass of the primary quarks. Currently 6 types of experimentally determined (6 flavors) of quarks with different mass, charge, and other properties. Quarks are the primary type, which have less mass in terrestrial conditions are not observed. Perhaps, they should be able to identify experimentally the splitting of the microparticles.


The hierarchical model of the world and built on its basis the quantum theory of gravity does not disagree with the basic principles of quantum mechanics. It eliminates the physics of the contradictions and paradoxes, for example, the wave-particle duality, defines the scope of the local laws of physics, previously considered universal, gives the ontological definitions of physical concepts, based on a single variable parameter, the fabric of space. It gives the physical meaning of the controversial concepts of the theory of relativity, which was being built on false postulates, such as the curvature of space, the infinity of the universe in space and time, and which is not a fundamental theory of the universe, and the mathematical simulation of the observed natural laws.

In prepared for the publication of the second part of this paper, shows the stages of the formation of different classes of micro-particles: baryons, leptons, mesons, in an expanding universe, revealed the mechanisms of weak and electromagnetic interactions, revealed the structure of the nuclei of the stars and planets.

Marc Katzenberg.

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