Solar radiation and geothermal heat


Osadchiy GB, engineer

If the environment is increasingly affect our lives (as known human health is 20% dependent on the environment, it is more than the level of development of medicine), then from a guaranteed energy supply, especially in the winter of smaller communities, health care facilities or life itself depends.

But today, all over the place on ecology and guaranteed, affordable, modern energy supply of small settlements in the Russian energy that involve huge capacities and financial means, do not pay proper attention.

The activities of the many organizations of the fuel and energy complex (FEC) is in conflict with the Law "On Energy Saving" prescriptive, software production processes, conversion, transportation, storage, use, utilization of energy resources (FER) in such a way as to prevent the exhaustion of energy resources with based on their proven reserves, rationalize production methods. The law basically requires the reduction of primary energy loss, the use of secondary energy resources, alternative fuels, and the involvement of the economic turnover of renewable energy resources.

These requirements are dictated by the fact that the share of Russian energy companies accounting for 48% of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, up to 36% of waste water pollution and over 30% of hazardous waste [1].

At the same time, today it is possible, even on separate territorial units (villages), the transition to the population and the production of energy from renewable energy sources (RES) can not be carried out for a number of reasons. One such reason is that each of the areas of renewable energy per strive to address issues of energy supply throughout the year, ignoring the climatic conditions of the area. In particular the use of solar energy, wind, hydro and geothermal heat.

As the wind energy potential by season - winter - summer is different not as dramatically as the amount of solar radiation, let’s consider only the possibility of using solar radiation and geothermal heat as energy sources combined energy supply systems in Russia.

We analyze the capacity to ensure that consumers differentiated forms of energy, in the summer due to solar radiation, and in the winter due to geothermal heat.

Table 1 shows the data for various insolation Regions.

Table 1 - direct insolation component by region for clean air

Region, latitude

Insolation, kW

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