The use of geothermal fields in winter


As can be seen from Figures 3 and 4 are only conditionally geothermal field can be considered a renewable source of energy due to the fact that when its full or partial recovery of the resource development of heat is very slow, longer lifetime of one generation, when the most expensive part of the work (bore holes) is almost have no realizable value.

And at the same time, climatic conditions for geothermal power plant in central Russia is unique because of the abnormally low temperatures. This reduces the temperature of condensation, especially in the winter, which can give an increase (by 20 - 40%) in electricity generation compared with Geothermal, which are located in areas of hot and temperate climate.

The use of geothermal heat in the winter would ensure the production of various kinds of energy for the organization of various production activities. But for this geothermal energy, to become effective on the territory of Russia is required to solve a number of challenges listed above.

The use of geothermal fields in the winter is another plus.

Salt water geothermal sources with a large rate of winter can be a minimal cost to desalinate.

Freezing salt water in the south of the CIS is often used for water desalination. SUMMARY using this physical process - freezing is as follows. Since the freezing point of salt water below 0 ? C, so when frozen out of her fresh ice crystals form, freeze together into aggregates. Each unit is a group of fresh-water ice crystals, between which there are areas filled with brine. With the rapid melting of such units is obtained only partially desalinated water. However, if the heating of the ice gradually produce, for example, by the energy of the sun, cold fresh ice crystals between the brine goes into a liquid state and will drain before the start melting the crystals themselves fresh water. Melted brine is sent (flows) in separate tanks, ice desalinate and further melting produces fresh water, which is removed to a holding tank. [8]

During construction (construction) of new solar salt ponds, receiving saline solutions can be carried out in Siberia in winter using the method of torch freezing. Known method can be used not in its intended purpose, and to increase the concentration of salt in the water intended for the bottom layer of the pond. Traditionally, the method of freezing torch used for the desalination of seawater and brackish groundwater. In the cold they passed through a sprinkler system, next to which is to form an array of artificial firn. Since it is well filters the water, the salt water will flow from it, and it will have to take over the channel or the natural course into the pond. The remaining neve would almost insipid. [9]

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