Synergy and hybrids in science and art


Boss heads architectural firm LAVA, whose philosophy is reflected in the formula MORE WITH LESS: less materials, energy, time and money - better results. Project, which is now working Chris and his colleagues at the office - the world’s first eco-city Masdar (UAE). For the first time being in Russia, Chris will explain the new boss for the audience itself, as, from his point of view, would be to form an urban environment in the coming decades, as well as determine the location in the city car to the future and assess the most vulnerable moments so relevant today, the theory and practice of urbanism .19 April at 21:15 in the center of the design ARTPLAY at st. Syromiatnicheskaya, 10, page 2 will be a lecture on the theme of hybrid art. The lecture will read Criss boss - the leader of a new generation of sustainable architecture, who knows for sure how the future will look like, because he builds it himself, finding inspiration in the organic structures: air bubbles, the structure of snowflakes and the system of coral reefs.

Synergy in the arts are increasingly produced in the collision of artistic discourse with the tools of the latest technology, which allows to build various combinations of science, and a variety of art forms, both traditional and modern. The result of these intersections are the objects of science art or a hybrid of art, the best examples of which can be viewed in this year in Moscow as part of the project LEXUS HYBRID ART.

Synergies iskusstve.V automotive phenomenon under realize synergy combination electric motor and an internal combustion engine, the so-called hybrid engine. A pioneer in the use of synergy effects in the automotive industry has become a brand Lexus, which was used in the production of its vehicles this technology. Lexus to this day successfully applied this approach in the segment of premium cars. Synergy in the automotive industry.

It is known that synergy - is the result of merging elements that exceeds the quality of each element individually. In other words, the orchestra over a hundred musicians who play each on its own, or a football team as compared to single players. Synergy is distinguished from a simple group is that all components of this group are working together cohesively and play in team play.

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