Broken record at Cambridge University!


At the end of May has started and continues the most ambitious an online training course in the world. Especially for the registration of the record arrived in Moscow judge "Guinness World Records" Jack Brokbenk. Prior to that same record was set at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, MA, USA, August 23, 2011), to participate in it less than 11 000 people. In the Russian educational marathon attracted more than 80,000 chelovek.Besplatny online training on "Multiple sources of income quickly," organized by business coaches and practitioners Infobusiness Mrachkovsky Nicholas and Andrew Luger will last for 3 weeks. The main topics that will be addressed in the training, "launch startup-projects", "blogging", "monetization hobby", "how to make money on travel?", "Success and personal development of the business", "how to make a show out of business Business ", etc. The organizers claim that Russia still has not been spent online seminars on such a scale.

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