Space solar power


In a possible future development of space solar power plants, which could provide the basis of a clean and fuel-free energy future.

The energy of the natural fusion reactor galaxy - "Sun", gratuitous and almost exhaustible. Its more than enough for the industry, but solar energy is relatively scattered, in addition to the conditions of the land, it is not constant, which makes it difficult the development of a commercial scale. In contrast to the land, and the weightlessness of space vacuum can be mounted ultra-light solar power a large area.

Orbital solar power plants can have an industrial power and do not depend on the weather and time of day, making them comfortable as integral parts of the global energy system.

Conceptual designs of space solar power plants are known from the 70 - ies, but their implementation inhibits high cost, availability of transport operating system will make the price of orbital power acceptable to investors. Industrial space colonization.

After the development of energy projects, investment in the space industry hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars, it will be enough for the construction of permanent settlements in the autonomous bases on the moon and nearby planets, serving the first centers of the future space expansion.

Modern space group consists mainly of satellites, which are in fact highly specialized single-use machines. The activities of people on other planets restricted to research using robotic probes. Space group is quite liquid and consists of machines, not counting the ISS, but it is a research laboratory, not performing practical tasks. The only high-grade segment in the economic sense of modern space industry is a satellite constellation. But you can not keep the colonization of outer space only by satellites and probes.

Development of Space for Industrial Agapovs scenario proposed in the short term, allows for the commercialization of manned and lunar projects, two key sectors with which to begin the development of its practice of colonization, since the commercialization, the presence of humans in space and the practical use of extraterrestrial resources of its main provisions. In the following steps space grouping will develop into an industrial process system of transport, to the support for further commercial development of space.

Unlike several probes sent to other planets in the current or one-time research expeditions to the moon and Mars, alleged in the official concepts, the development of the space industry will give a completely different scale, the calculation of a permanent human presence and the further development of the expansive space. We are talking about a full-scale space expansion, relocation of people in the space and the transition of human civilization on the cosmic level. Prospects for space expansion.

Cosmic expansion can lead humanity out of dead-ends traditional industries associated with dirty energy based on fossil fuels, from gas to uranium, and the depletion of the earth raw resursov.Obespechit the rapid growth of high-tech industries as well as in space will work mostly robots, people will employed in their manufacture and maintenance. Practically limited by earthly standards, resources and space of the galaxy will be able to provide high income world’s population, including developing countries, at least for several generations to come.

Space colonization would entail a rise of quality in all areas of life and the transition to the next level, like the Industrial Revolution that followed the maritime expansion of Europe.

The apparent shift of humanity on an action-packed space level, the presence of a cost-effective strategy can become real in the lifetime of the current generation.

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Author: Nicholas Agapov

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