NARR8 announces non-fiction TV series


NARR8 - a new distribution channel for interactive content for tablet devices - announced the upcoming release of popular TV series "Paradigm" and "Hronografika." The first series will be available with the advent of applications for the iPad this fall on the new episodes will be released every two weeks.

"Paradigm" - an interactive TV series about the world. Physics, chemistry, biology, optics, materials, items, events, discoveries, inventions - everything you wanted to know, presented in a colorful episodes. "Paradigm" explains complicated things accessible and understandable language, opens up interesting facts from the most diverse fields of science, technology, art, and of the world and does so in a fun game in which the reader is directly involved.

"When we were students, we had a lot of reading - says Robert Dertsyan, head KID Studio. - Pile of thick books, boring and uninteresting. But books are disappearing, to be replaced by tablets, and we decided - it is necessary to tell boring article, so that it was interesting. We do Paradigm - the series for the most curious. Each episode tells the interesting and accessible for any phenomenon, the device effect. Physics, chemistry, biology, history, device camera and the human eye, the story of the camera and silver - is only the beginning, then there will be more. In general, what to tell. Soon you will be able to download and watch yourself. "

"Hronografika" - an interactive series about the history of the world. His heroes - war, religion, great personalities, crafts, weapons, civilizations, countries and continents. In a fascinating way, with colorful graphics and animation episode by episode reader discovers the forgotten and unknown details about the history of the world. "Hronografika" makes visible the past and works as an accurate chronometer - arrows turn not only forward and backward, in that era, which you are interested. - Michael Mayzuls, co Chronographics. - The Crusades and the Spanish conquistadors,, Huguenots and Catholics, the Mongols and the Incas, and the favorite of duelists, coffee and tobacco, printing and chronometers, arquebus and cocked hats, medieval and medieval paradise hell - the whole past of the timeline.

We live in a world where every thing has its own ideas and biography. History surrounds us, we breathe it, it passes through our body and mind. But usually we do not feel it like we do not notice the air we breathe every second. In order to grasp the past, the most important need - curiosity. Yours and ours. We start with the story, which we ourselves have long interesting: that the Romans knew about China and the Chinese about Rome? why European kings were so afraid of coffee? who, according to medieval beliefs could hope for heaven? And then it all like a chef. We take the best ingredients, make up your own recipe (cookbooks we can not decree!) Shinkuem sources, fry each text in the fire ruthless criticism, make up the best way to file a "dish" on the screen at last season with its interactive. All this in order to let in a world of the past that no longer exists, but which continues to live in us. "About NARR8NARR8 - a new unique channel of distribution of entertainment and informative content. This is a free application that setting, the owner of the tablet has access to a variety of fascinating stories, from interactive novels and comic books to popular science materials and lifestyle publications. All the stories are presented in the form of a series and consist of a number of episodes, offering the reader carefully designed universe filled with fascinating stories, events and characters.

NARR8 brings together the most promising trends in the distribution of entertainment content: interactivity, episodic, mobility. All stories are developed using animation and special effects, which allows not only to observe the scene, but also to interact with what is happening on the screen.

All series are proprietary and are based on the original ideas of NARR8 and its member studios. At the stage of launching the channel will offer readers the comics, mystical and sci-fi TV series, as well as publication on the history of the world, scientific and popular series in two languages - Russian and English. Each episode will be regularly updated with new episodes coming out every two weeks and completely free for download. The purpose NARR8 - to become a leader in the dissemination of digital entertainment and educational content with a vast, fast-growing and ever-changing collection of series of high quality. About NARR8Kompaniya NARR8 was founded in October 2011 by Alexander Vashenko, who previously headed the development of games in the IT-Territory and Astrum Online, and held the position of Vice President The project is funded by the investment company IMI.VC, owned by well-known Internet entrepreneur Igor Matsanyuk, founder of IT-Territory and Astrum Online, the former vice-president of, the founder of the Academy of projects Farminers and chairman of the board of directors Game Insight. The company consists of eight studios, fully developing all the content for the application. Total number of employees exceeds 100 people. The company’s headquarters is located in Moscow, additional office located in San Frantsisko.Kontakty for pressyAndrey Akimov, PR Director +7 (916) 333-42-81,

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