The origin of universe


When the expansion of the universe leads to the merger, there are increasing within the docking intervals. In contrast to the expanding boundaries, they do not produce M-wave parameters necessary for the stability of preons. Now the universe is moving deeper into each line of the collapse of matter in which all material objects: galaxies, stars, planets ... lose stability, leveled and turned into streams waves parameter M, extending out into space. Although there are also waves on both the left and right axial chirality, most has one of these chiral, as formed by the decay preon.

After a certain time after the merger of universes in the center of each cell of the array is the volume interference of coherent waves parameter M, coming from four neighboring decaying universes. In the interference generated a lot of extremes M. Those extremes, the height of which exceeds a certain threshold, the gain dissipative resistance and turn to preons. At the same time, the average value of the parameter M near preons is lower than the surrounding area occupied by them. M there is a difference - the border of the new universe that begins to expand at a constant rate and produces a wave parameter M, the sustainability of preons. In all cells of the merged array originate universes next generation. Formed a similar array of staggered universes. Repeated cycles of birth, expansion and mergers provide alternate universes location - pulsation of the array.

Assembling preons continues after the birth of the universe. Through its border flows are coming in waves parameter M, which are the traces of material objects in the collapse of the previous universe. Meeting, they again and again to form an interference grating with many extremes M, become stable preons. Since the intensity of the wave beams varies, incubators preons occur in different sectors of the universe. From each of the four predecessors each universe gets as preons as contained in the adjacent sector with it. If their equity contribution varied sectors of the new universe will vary according to the quantity of matter. Sector inheritance matter in the universe lowest hierarchical level, configures wave parameter M in the space of our level.

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