From preons to quarks


Shortly after the birth of preons of them formed the first composite structure. When approaching the two gravitational resonance occurs preons coherent waves parameter M. resonance zone a flow of waves, having no center like preons and axial chirality. It is a gluon - a particle that is absorbed by other nearby preons and serves as a carrier of the strong interaction. Between the two preons, gave the gluon leveled gradient M (gravitational field), and they distance.

The strong interaction changes the status of preons, turns them into quarks. Elevation extremes M the quarks are not static. It reduces the emission of gluons and increases after its absorption. Thus varies the gravitational field produced by a quark, changing its mass. After each cycle, the strong interaction quark gluon swallowed, moving closer to that of the two quarks, gluons sacrificed, whose mass is greater. Formed a new gluon. It absorbs the smallest quark mass, the remaining single. Stable structure of three quarks bound only by gravitational and derives from it a strong interaction that we called "Probarion." It quarks in turn transmit to each other gluons, orderly rotating inside a spherical region. Since the order of their participation in the cycles of the strong interaction does not change, the three quarks and gluons are assigned to three so-called three-color charge.

Probariony formed at the second stage of evolution substances are precursors of the groups baryons microparticles, including protons and neutrons. Probarionov quarks have the lowest variable mass. They do not exist in the Earth’s environment and are not detected experimentally.

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