Gulf Stream - underwater hydroelectric future


Gulf Stream - the most powerful surface current - has attracted the attention of scientists working on the problem of obtaining a "clean" energy. This is a warm current in the North Atlantic Ocean, located just 24 kilometers from the coast of Florida, has a maximum speed of 10 km / h, driving at 74 to 93 million cubic meters of water per second.

Gulfstream has never stopped, and this attractive feature may allow engineers to build in the future a whole new type of hydroelectric power, which uses an inexhaustible source of energy does not pollute the ocean and the environment.

Researchers from Florida Atlantic University (Florida Atlantic University) said that one day they will be able to run thousands of underwater turbines, which will give as much electricity as produce ten nuclear power plants, which would be enough to supply electricity to one third of the State of Florida.

A small test turbine will be installed in the next few months. Scientists hope the positive results of the experiment and think that in the near future, large electricity producers will necessarily build a large network of underwater turbines that use the Gulf Stream.

Naturally, as with any new idea, there are some shortcomings and risks that accompany the invention. One such risk - "Cuisinart effect", because of which the rotating turbine blades can chop up fish and other underwater creatures.

The researchers say that the turbines will not interfere with passing mariners. The equipment will be rigidly fixed to the ocean floor, and the upper part of the turbines will be located at a distance of about 12 meters from the surface. So, the usual navigation equipment ocean-going vessels will easily guide the ship through hydroelectric area.

In addition, turbines and other equipment will not spoil ocean species: a pair of buoys will be talking about that at the bottom of the network is electric turbines. We will tell you the exciting news from the horse’s mouth.


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