The inner voice affects the human countenance


A new study Skarborugskogo the University of Toronto, published in the monthly print edition of Acta Psychologica, show that the use of his inner voice plays an important role in controlling impulsive behavior.

"We tell ourselves all the time about their intentions, thereby controlling their emotions and actions - whether to continue the installation work, when we are tired or stop eating even if we want one more slice of cake, or to refrain from being rude to someone somewhere in the dispute "- said Alex Tallet (Alexa Tullett), lead author of the study. "We set out to find out whether the ’inner voice’ helps us."

Tallet and Professor of Psychology Association Inzliht Michael (Michael Inzlicht) performed a series of experiments on volunteers, identifying their composure. In one example, the test participants performed on the computer. They had to press a button, if seen in the appearance of a particular symbol screen. If the screen was another twist to the character they had to refrain from pressing the button. The test measures the degree of self-government, as in the test plants were more "press" than "do not press", making pressing the impulsive nature of the response.

The research team then included in the experiment measures prohibiting the participants to use their "inner voice" during a test run to see whether it exerted influence on the process. In order to block the "inner voice," participants were asked to recite the same word many times during a test run. This hindered the conversation with himself while performing the task.

"Throughout the entire series of tests, we found that people acted more impulsively when they could not use their inner voice or talk to yourself" - said Inzliht. "Without the possibility of talking to himself, they were not able to show a proper degree of self-control than in the possession of this opportunity."

"It was always known that people are internal dialogues with themselves, but we never suspected how important function of these dialogues is performed in human behavior" - said Tallet. "This study shows that a conversation with the ’inner voice’ actually helps us to manage themselves and saves us from making impulsive decisions." We will tell you the exciting news from the horse’s mouth.

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