Bad and useless gifts soon thing of the past


What does a bad gift? For some, this is a red sweater with Christmas reindeer. For others, it dreidel with inlaid diamond. No matter how terrible would be presented to you a gift, a multinational electronic commerce company "Amazon" will soon be able to comfort you by submitting a set of ideas to solve the existing problems.

Company Inc., The source of a huge number of gifts - good, bad or ugly - has patented a system that will allow people to exchange unwanted gifts for those they really want to see, even before they get them.

Now, although this has still just an idea and as long as employees "Amazon" are assessing how to implement it, you can get rid of it, causing itchy sweater from Grandma, even if she bought it in the online store. It should be noted that the "Amazon" has not yet officially announced its plans.

Based on a patent application, "Amazon", recipients of unwanted gifts can substitute purchased through this company thing for something equal in value by paying the difference for a more expensive item or get a gift certificate.

They will be able to do this before they actually receive the gift, thus avoiding the hassle of packing and postage unwanted gift.

At the request of the recipients will be able to even send gratitude in writing for the original gift. They can inform the sender that traded him a gift or just to keep it secret from him in the hope that it does not take an interest on that later.

If you have a friend or family member known fact that not constantly guessing with a gift - in the company of such a person is referred to as "Aunt Mildred" - the recipients will be able to select a service to exchange all gifts from this person into something else.

The company "Amazon" reports that her idea is to benefit those who give gifts, because they know that the recipient will be able to return and choose a more interesting gift, if he did not quite like the choice of the sender.

Charitable donations can also be implemented through a new system that will give flexibility contributions, according to the patent application. For example, charitable donations for children in the form of mittens will be stopped as soon as we have collected 100 pairs. Further revenue will be replaced on hats, scarves or gift certificates.

The company "Amazon", which is located in Seattle, filed a patent application in March 2006. She got it in November of this year.

Even if the "Amazon" will launch a new system, it remains unknown how many people use it.

"On the one hand, to return unwanted gifts purchased in the online store brings so much trouble that the people who buy these gifts, usually first just make sure that the recipient will actually welcome it or they give gift cards" - said Britt Beemer (C. Britt Beemer), chairman of the American Research Group, a consumer and market research company.

A decade ago, before gift cards have become so common, about 38 percent of consumers, according to Beemer, returned items donated to them after Christmas. Last year, the figure was only about 13 percent, even less for gifts purchased in the online store.

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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