Rare Hercules statue was discovered in Israel


Rare statue of the mythical hero Hercules, dated second century, was discovered in Israel, as reported recently by archeologists. Beige marble masterpiece likely decorated a niche in a Roman bath house.

The past century statue of Hercules left without a head, but his acting muscles are still visible, as well as his baton and skin the Nemean lion (lion monstrous proportions with an incredibly hard skin, so it did not take no weapon), whose murder, according to mythology, was made by Hercules as one of his 12podvigov.

According to Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules, who was half man and half god, was the son of the god Zeus and the mortal Alcmene simple. Out of jealousy, the wife of Zeus, Hera, Hercules, send down on failure, as well as an attack of madness that led him to kill his own wife and children. In a sign of penitence, Hercules performed 12 superhuman feats of skilful, including the killing of the evil Nemean lion.

Ancient artists often portrayed the implementation of these feats in paintings and statues. A recently discovered statue was unearthed in Croatia Tabernete (Horvat Tabernet), in the Jezreel Valley of Israel. Israel Antiquities Authority has found the remains of the Roman baths dating from the second century, along with living quarters and a good channel, which supplies water to a large bathing pool. Statue of Hercules was found in the pool of pitchers and broken glass vessels.

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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