Invention: Suppressor hurricanes


After the devastating march of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans in 2005, interest in methods of mitigating the effects of hurricanes peaked. Any funds that are aimed at reducing the damage caused by these powerful storms, actively encouraged by both governments and citizens vulnerable communities.

Recently, Israeli scientists reported that they have developed an effective way to pacify the hurricanes. The new idea is the so-called "Smoky conditions" in which the smoke particles significantly reduce the speed of the wind, and this in turn lowers the destructive power of a hurricane.

The destructive potential of a hurricane is proportional to the strength of the wind blowing inside of it, and even a slight decrease in wind speed enough to quell the devastating storm.

Hurricanes derive their enormous power thanks to the warm waters of the ocean surface. Evaporating, water enters the storm and eventually condenses and falls as rain, releasing latent heat energy (a process known as thermal cycling or temperature cycling (heat cycling)).

According to the researchers, the introduction of smoke into the lower part of the hurricane causes water vapor to condense at a lower altitude than normal and form droplets that are too small to fall as rain. Instead they are carried into the upper, more peripheral areas storm eventually reach where they freeze. This provides the energy spread along the edges of the storm, which would destabilize its destructive center and causes a decrease in wind speed.

At the very least, this idea works in a computer model developed by scientists. A team of researchers have not conducted field tests of the method. But they, nevertheless, have calculated how much smoke would be required to implement the original idea: About 10 cargo aircraft could carry the required amount of material to produce enough smoke to pacify a hurricane. Only the first news portal tells about the events of the day.


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