Overconfidence can hide low self-esteem


Narcissists tend to give the impression of narcissistic people, but a new analysis found that samovelichie narcissists can harbor deep feelings of worthlessness.

According to the information of a new study, people who reported psychologists inherent narcissism that they themselves perfectly to relate. But when psychologists looked deeper into tough thinking people in this category, using a series of tests, including a polygraph, it turned out that narcissists are actually characterized by a reduced level of self-esteem.

"This suggests that individuals with inherent high degree of narcissism dissemble about their self-esteem" - said study researcher Erin Myers (Erin Myers), a psychologist at the University of Western Carolina agency LiveScience. "In other words, narcissists do not really think of themselves as great as they are constantly striving to demonstrate this." Despite the fact that narcissism is best known as narcissistic personality disorder, symptoms of excessive zhiznerazrushayuschey form of narcissism manifested in varying degrees among quite psychologically healthy people. People who have more pronounced these signs usually go on about grandiose self-esteem, but previous studies have given mixed results in which there was no clear conclusion: whether these positive feelings is true or just visibility.

In order to figure out that Myers and her colleagues had to use a little trick. They are attracted to participate in the experiment, 70 final-year students from the University of Southern Mississippi and asked them to fill out questionnaires designed to assess their degree of self-esteem and narcissism.

Furthermore, female students was proposed a number of tests that provide psychological evaluation, but in the laboratory psychologist Myers, and then they were told that the truthfulness of their answers will be checked by a lie detector. Students with equipment installed on them had to agree or disagree with statements such as, for example, "I approve of myself."

"I had to play the role of the researcher and to be always in a white lab coat" - said Myers. "We even simulated using special paste conductivity, putting it on the skin prior to installation on the participants. We wanted to create a situation closer to the real."

The results showed an interesting split: for women who have been marked by a low level of narcissism, no differences were observed in the results of tests that evaluate the degree of self-respect, conducted before and after "test" lie detector. In women with a high degree of narcissism in the first stage of testing the signs of narcissism and samovelichiya prevailed, however, believed in what researchers have learned the truth through a lie detector, they have shown themselves quite differently: their self-esteem has been noticeably reduced.

Data clearly indicate that narcissists conceal a deeply ingrained sense of inferiority, as emphasized Myers, although researchers still are not sure whether to create this appearance to themselves or to others.

"Narcissists may be trying to maintain a sense of self-esteem, self-love showing off" - said Myers. "Chance is another case: narcissists seek a way to get others to draw attention to themselves. This can also be a combination of both cases."

The researchers describe their work in more detail in the current issue of the "Journal of Research in Personality".

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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