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Both men and women who appear in front of each other without clothing, become more sensual, but less effective, as shown by the results of the new analysis conducted by a psychologist at the University of Maryland, Kurt Gray (Kurt Gray) and her colleagues at Yale University.

In an article published in the November issue of the journal "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology", the researchers write that this may seem absurd, but the "strip" can radically change people’s thinking abilities. "In the six studies, however, we have demonstrated that even partial nudity, which the participants carried out, for example, taking off his sweater, or other means, can significantly change the mental perception of others."

An earlier study, feminist theory and parental warnings are based on the long established opinion that when men see a woman on which little or no clothes, they are focusing on her body, not thinking about the level of her mind. New data psychologist Grey change and improve our understanding of how to change our perception of where we focus our attention on someone’s body.

Traditional research and theories point to the realization that we are trying to discern the mind of other people in the continuum between the presence of a normal human mind and the absence of reason inanimate object. The idea of the incarnation is to treat someone in a sexual context, drawing their attention to the physical characteristics, turning them into an object devoid of reason or moral status.

However, the latest data show that in addition to the ability to determine the absence or presence of mind, we discern in people around us its two aspects: practicality and sensuality. Usability refers to the ability to act purposefully, to plan their actions and self-control, whereas the sensitivity - the ability to feel pain, pleasure, and experience a variety of emotions. A number of factors, including the degree of nudity of certain areas of the body can affect our perception, namely what type of mind we see in another person.

In numerous experiments, the researchers found strong evidence for the existence of two types of mental perception. When men and women who participated in the analysis were focused on someone’s body, the practicality of the perception (self-control and action) decreased and was replaced by sensual perception (feeling and sensation), which is significantly increased. Gray and her colleagues noted that the reason for this effect is that people unconsciously think of the mind and the body as separate or even contradictory things, with the ability to act is closely connected with the mind and the ability to experience feelings are closely connected with the body.

Original: Sciencedaily Translation: M. Potter

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