Life on Earth may have arisen due to nuclear reactor


As it turned out, the natural nuclear reactors may freely do occur in nature under the condition where in one place accumulate a large amount of decaying isotopes. Scientists have hypothesized that because of these isotopes on the planet and could appear life.

Natural nuclear rector was discovered by scientists in Africa in 1972 near Gabon. He appeared two billion years ago, spontaneously, and the prerequisites for its appearance was the high concentration of uranium-235. Today, the reactor is almost all burned. The scientists said that in the past the Earth have often created a similar nuclear reactors.

Canadian researchers Laurence Coogan and Jay Cullen of the University of Victoria to assess the concentration of nuclear isotopes in different regions of the earth. It was found that more than about 2.5-4 billion years ago, the number of nuclear fuel, or rather the uranium-235, in the bowels of the earth was so great that the isotopes could well have somewhere to concentrate in one place, followed by the appearance of natural nuclear reactor. Promote the concentration of natural nuclear fuel could tidal power satellite, which then were much more powerful, because the moon was at a smaller distance from the Earth.

In the past, such nuclear reactors have been quite common. Today, after so many billions of years to test the hypothesis put forward is unlikely. Scientists also believe that in this way life can emerge on the other planets of the universe, and it is still possible to check.

It is known that high levels of radiation, however, can kill all life in the reactor natural processes proceeded more complicated. Above the reactor itself did arise "dead cloud", where ionizing radiation decay of isotopes could kill any DNA. At the edges of the cloud arose opposite situation. Radiation in these areas was significantly lower, and she did not kill him, and forced the genomes mutate, thus increasing, biodiversity, and promoting early evolutionary development. It is on the edge of the cloud was to collect life.

Until now, scientists did not exactly prove, what is the theory of origin of life on Earth. We only know that the origin of life was preceded by a powerful pulse of energy that ripped the chemical bonds of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which are then re-formed into complex combinations are organic molecules. There is an assumption that such a powerful energy boost could create lightning, and since 2007 had spread the idea of the natural nuclear reactors, which could also create such a jerk. Research Coogan and Cullen were another argument for the latest ideas. However, the theory of the strong lightning, and about natural nuclear reactors have generated once mortal life, continue to remain in the scientific world while only hypotheses.

Article prepared by Oksana Skripko

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