Hadron Collider on the verge of a major clue secrets of the universe


Recent studies on the Hadron Collider showed that perhaps he still managed to find the elusive Higgs boson.

If researchers can prove the existence of the "God particle", the main secret of the origin of the universe will be revealed at last.

During the last test two main collider detectors ATLAS and CMS have discovered so far only possible signs of the boson with a mass of about 125 GeV. To accurately tell of the existence or absence of this particle, scientists have to collect four times more data. Further research is planned in the next year.

Higgs boson in the scientific world and considered the building blocks of the universe, and the virtual particle and the starting point of the whole universe.

Fabiola Gianotti, head of the Large Hadron Collider researchers, said that in the process of research detectors suddenly found an increase in the signal above the background when the value of the mass of 126 GeV was that, in fact, gave physicists to assert the imminent opening of the Higgs boson.

Scientists say that the universe has occurred more than 14 billion years ago in the Big Bang. It was then unknown to modern science, energy is transformed chaos into order, and the particles that make up atoms, suddenly gained weight and began to exist.

In fact, the Higgs boson is the last missing "puzzle" of the modern theory of elementary particles. Today, the particle exists only hypothetically and in theory it is responsible for the masses of all other particles. Modern science has not yet managed to establish more accurately the mass of this mysterious particles as reliably prove its existence.

To detect the existence of particles, scientists at the Hadron Collider at first dispersed protons to near light speed, then push them and monitor the radiation and particles that arise after the collision. In theory, the Higgs boson can decay into different particles. In their experiments, the researchers collected data on such confrontations over the level of particle without boson. And finally, there were the first hints of the existence of the "God particle", and hence the proof of the big bang or the Standard Model of the Universe.

The standard model includes basic modern concepts of matter, which are based on the theory that emerged in the last century thanks to Peter Higgs physics. Discovery of the Higgs, of course, does not change radically in edinochase daily life of mankind. Application of this discovery, the researchers plan to find in the foreseeable future, and so far only promised accurately answer the question about the existence of the Higgs in the first months of 2012.

The news produced Oksana Skripko

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