American schoolgirl discovered a new chemical compound


Fifth-grader from Kansas City, completing the job in the classroom, accidentally created a previously unknown molecular structure of science - a substance that can quite useful in the development of modern methods of energy storage.

The young inventor Lazy Claire attends a school in which the educational process is based on the method of Maria Montessori. Thus, in one of the lessons of the class got a job - for some time to collect balls of various colors (atoms) and plastic sticks (chemical bonds) molecular models. Claire gathered from the "atoms" of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen construction shown her teacher Kenneth I take quite strange, as reported by the press service of the Humboldt University.

Amazed by the teacher via e-mail sent to his friend Bob Zellner, a professor of chemistry photograph of an unusual design. Zellner could not immediately give his friend information about known whether the substance chemists.

After examining a database of all articles, which are scientific papers on chemistry, since 1904, a scientist and found only one article that mentioned about the substance called tetranitratoksikarbon. However, in the inventive structure schoolgirl atoms arranged in a different order, and this means that the chemical properties of the molecule must also be different.

Professor Zellner dealing with computer simulations previously unknown to science chemical compounds studied the structure izaklyuchil that this substance may very well be used to save energy. The scientist said that the opening contains the same group of atoms as nitroglycerin - a strong explosive power. Perhaps ten schoolgirl Claire invented some new type of explosive, and maybe something else.

Professor Zellner posted an article about the random creation of new materials for print publication in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry. Thus, Claire Lazy, being a student of fifth grade, has already become a co-author of the scientific article.

This event, according to Zellner, can strengthen and increase the interest of girls in the scientific world.

"Women tend to be better prepared than men to study in high school, but then they stop for various reasons to do science. If all of a sudden I could save her or some of her classmates desire and interest in science, then I will consider it as a great success in the business "- said the scientist.

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