First obtained an image of the electron charge of the molecule


Researchers have demonstrated for the first time the image "charge distribution" in a single molecule, which is formed during the original "dance" of electrons.

The charges of the individual atoms have been measured previously, but to photograph dance inside a complex molecule - the problem is much more complicated.

This is the first in the history of such an achievement would shed light on the whole galaxy processes "transfer charges" that are prevalent in our world.

The study was published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

This work was done by a team of IBM Research Zurich, which specializes in the study of the world in an extremely small scale of atoms and molecules.

The same team had previously measures the charge of individual atoms and obtained the first image of a single molecule, and in a sense, this new study is a combination of the two previous achievements.

But this time was different approach, which is called "Kelvin Probe." This type of atomic force microscopy, through which the first image was obtained in 2009 molecule.

It uses a tiny strip, the length of which is only one-billionth of a meter, and with the sharp tip size in one small molecule. With this bracket, or bracket, which is held at a small voltage was scanned by X-shaped molecule naphthalocyanine.

As soon as the charged tip meets the charges in naphthalocyanines, bracket begins to rock. By the nature of swinging can determine the exact location of electrons.

In combination with other techniques, this approach will shed light on the nanoscale world that holds great promise not only for fundamental research, but also in the practical application in those industries that are based on the behavior of electricity in such a small scale.

"It is now possible to carry out research at the level of a single molecule, and see how the charge is redistributed during the formation of chemical bonds between individual atoms and molecules on the surface," - said the study’s lead author, Fabian Mohni. "This is important as we strive to create a device the size of an atom and a molecule."

Original: Bbc

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