Austrian farmer discovered the burial of UFOs


Austrian publisher Austrian Times reported the other day that a local farmer discovered a mysterious, very deep hole round, which appeared in his field during the day. And, of course, a version of the incident was the work of alien residents.

Farmer Knoglinger Franz (Franz Knoglinger) accidentally discovered a hole in the ground on the site while looking for his lost cat. In an interview with local edition Knoglinger said: "I was looking for your pet Murlimanna and suddenly noticed a strange hole. To determine its depth, I threw a stone down and heard the thud of a metal object. Assessing the flight of stone, it was possible to make concluded that the hole was very deep. "

Knoglinger, enthusiastic discovery, I decided to omit this "gap" rope with a magnet to make sure that the item that was lying on the bottom was really metal. But it made even more mysterious circumstances and soon caught the attention of not only local but also the international community. Curious seekers, geologists and amateurs from around the world unknown to the farm Knoglingera flocked to see the hole for themselves. Burial UFO has so far only explanation for this fact.

In total there are several versions that shed light on the mysterious phenomenon. If the hole is actually quite round, then it is clear that this is the result of the drill. In fact, a completely rounded shape of the hole makes it less mysterious, if not deprived of mystery at all, as the drill leaves only perfectly round hole. Holes or wells perfect square, rectangular or oval shape formed in the earth would look more striking.

The most interesting thing in this event is why, of all the possible versions explaining the appearance of the hole and its contents, was the version of the underground alien spacecraft, launched Knoglingerom and other researchers.

The fact is that the alien ships were called in recent years any unknown large object, in particular metal and a round shape. For example, a large round object was registered sonar on the ocean floor a group of Swedish archaeologists in the past year. The resulting images of the object doubtful to the experts, however, the most popular explanation of the circular object - a spaceship. The human imagination is capable of creating more incredible and fascinating facts that do not meet reality. Therefore, objects that are out of reach - deep underwater or underground - may seem outlandish spacecraft.

The case occurred in Austria, has puzzled local historian and forced him to do a little investigation, raising historical data on land use in the field. As it turned out, the hole at the site Knoglingera appeared not during the day, and was there for several decades. In fact, half a century ago, one oil company drilled a well there in search of oil. Large metal drill bit, burivshie land were broken and their fragments were left in the bottom of the workers who have been unable to find anything. That’s what really attracted the magnet dropped a farmer in the hole: not a spaceship, and a large piece of metal drill bit stuck in the stone.

After some time, in this area there was a lot of farms with large areas of arable land and the people ceased to notice the hole, or because it was covered with grass and twigs of trees, whether because by treating the earth with the help of modern equipment, they do not often go outside this place.

As for a lost cat, the owner eventually found him in the closet.

Original: LiveScience

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