Psychologists have found out where the best man resting heart


Psychologists have found that people of all ages in greatest pleasure and peace, resting on the sea coast. A study involving 2750 people in which we studied the effect of different external environments on the emotional state of a person, was presented at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society.

Experts have found that the bracing sea air has a positive effect on the mood of the people, than the countryside or the city park. The researcher Matthew White (Mathew White) suggested that this may be due to "an innate preference for" the person looking at the water and listen to its sounds.

The analysis carried out by researchers from the European Centre for Environment and Health Eksterskogo University, was aimed at studying what types of environment is the most suitable place for relaxation and cause people some positive emotions. The results showed that exposure to the sea shore more a feeling of bliss and tranquility.

In the study, Matthew White and his colleagues reviewed the results of the survey in 2750 the inhabitants of England, who was held for two years in order to find out where the preferred visiting citizens: at the seaside, in the countryside or in the city parks.

Survey respondents gave preference to many places in the open air, but most of them said that they feel is best, relaxing on the beach. The survey results did not depend on such factors as the age of the participants, social status and place of residence.

The results showed that the representatives of the six different age groups have always chosen to stay seaside, since that is where took on positive emotions, not in city parks or during country walks.

This preference was typical for both ordinary citizens and for people traveling regularly.

While the researchers did not find an exact explanation as to why more people are enjoying the holiday on the coast than in other places in the open air. But the researchers are considering a number of possible associations. One of the assumptions is the positive reaction of the people on the sound of the sea. It could also be due to cultural and social views of people on the benefits of the sea coast, as experts note. In addition it can be attributed to such personal associations person, such as the memory of a happy childhood.

"There is a considerable amount of research proving the beneficial effects of the natural environment on human health, but our analysis is the first to show a predominant influence on the health of the coast and the welfare of the people," - said in the conclusion of Dr. White.

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