Pit Bulls are a threat to society


U.S. Court of Appeals of Maryland recently ruled that the dog breed pit bulls, including mixed blood, are a threat to people, and they are dangerous due to the nature and content of education, and from birth, that is due to genetic factors.

The experts strongly disagree with the judge’s decision. They cite a study conducted by experts from the College, University of Pennsylvania, the results of which, people often bite dachshunds, Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua. However, in almost all criminal reports with the corpses of people appear just pit bulls, not the dog of the above breeds.

In the 1990s. U.S. attempts to bring "socialized" pit bull breed. They named these dogs "Terriers San Francisco," but everything came crashing down when the representatives of a new breed of ungrateful bitten several cats. Oddly enough, but at the beginning of the last century, pit bulls were in vogue. It is this breed of dog is featured in popular in those days children’s series "Little Rascals", "our gang" that appeared on the screens until the middle of the twentieth century. What is has changed since then, and why pit bulls are considered murderers?

Jennifer Scarlett, who participated in the aforementioned "socialization" of pit bulls, said that this is likely to blame the people who bred specifically for their part in the fighting. According to her, the results of research on foxes have shown that the features that change the nature of the animal, may appear very soon, within a couple of generations.

The expert notes that this selection is not affected by all the dogs, pit bulls, many perfectly amenable to training. Of course, this does not mean that any dog of this breed, which is relaxed at home, you should keep a close leash for a walk. A lot in this matter, according to Scarlett, also depends on the owners and it is often this is the main problem.

Jennifer Scarlett recalls conducted by scientists in the present study aimed to identify the factors that allow to predict the probability of an attack dog. According to preliminary results, it is castration and sterilization, as well as training and the degree of socialization of dogs. According to experts, most often tragedy happen in families who have taken a puppy pit bull, mastiff or rottweiler of the litter, ancestors are specially trained to participate in dog fights. What’s the worst victims of these dogs are mostly small children.

Recently, there are also questions about German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers, as before, these rocks were also trying to intentionally aggressive. As a result, many modern zoos are trying to get rid of such plants.

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