Twitter helps voters in the presidential election in the United States


Social networks play an important role in political campaigns, especially when it comes to presidential elections. Students undergraduates from the Technical University of Cincinnati have developed a web application called - Twipolitico, which can measure the popularity of presidential candidates using Twitter, in the 2012 election.

The purpose of the website is to not only find out which of the candidates is more popular, but also keep track of how their comments affect public opinion. Twipolitico analyzes potentially important messages to voters about the candidates, as well as provide information about what voters think of his choice. According to the developers Twipolitico, it makes the results more accurate than the one just counting how often politicians come to the site, or create a Twitter hash tag there.

Data from Twittertakzhe used to keep track of deadlines relating to each individual candidate. Estimating algorithm analyzes every single tweet (the name of the message in Twitter), which, in some way, mentions a presidential candidate and then calculates the so-called "tweet account." Further, this bill is handled by the developers call "complex mathematical equation" that, after processing, to become "account twipolitico".

Daily and monthly expense twipolitico shown in the diagram on the home page, as well as a chart that shows how many tweets were positive, and how many negative ones. All these data are combined to predict not only the popularity of presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but also the estimated results of the November elections in the United States. The website is constantly updated and can even show evidence of how popular each candidate at any desired state.


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