Leap second has caused disruptions in the Internet and computer systems crash


Additional second, which was added by our time on Sunday due to technical problems of many websites and computer systems, as reported by news organizations.

Chorology added so-called leap seconds or second coordination that is needed due to the gradual slowing of Earth’s rotation. It has 25 leap second in recent history, the addition of which has once again sparked a wave of criticism and suggestions to bypass this procedure.

"Sunny day is gradually getting longer because Earth’s rotation gradually slowing down," - said Daniel MacMillan of NASA. "At the time of the dinosaurs, the Earth rotates once in about 23 hours."

One revolution of the Earth around its axis was held exactly 24 hours in 1820, but has since slowed to 2.5 milliseconds, and continues to slow down to 1.4 milliseconds every 100 years.

At midnight Greenwich Mean Time, on Saturday, the clock around the world were transferred to a second ago to compensate for the increase of time, caused by the slowing rotation of the Earth.

Many sites, including Google, have been ready to leap second, while the other is caught off guard. Sites that failed to take the necessary measures, at the time were not available.

First second coordination was introduced in 1972 and since then there have been 25 leap seconds added.

Simply ignoring leap second can lead to significant social and legal consequences when additional time to reach a significant level. Thus, the difference will reach three minutes already in 2100 and about 30 minutes in 2700. A decision on the fate of the leap second will be made no earlier than 2015, when it will be held the World Radio Communication Radio Communication Conference and Assembly.

Leap second takes into account the rotation of the Earth around its axis while a leap year compensates for the time it takes to complete revolution of the Earth around the Sun. One such revolution around our star takes about 365 days and 6 hours. An additional six hours over four years constitute 24 hours or an extra day.

Original: Minews26.com

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