Spotted biological link between music and human speech


After careful research conducted by neurologists from Duke University (Duke University), there are new strong evidence of deep biological link between human music and speech.

Two new studies have shown that the most common musical scales used for centuries, are very similar in their physical nature, the human voice, and that we understand emotions expressed through music because the music mimics the way in which emotions are expressed in speech.

Composers have long and successfully exploited the perception of major and minor scales, creating, respectively, funny and sad mood while listening to music. A team of researchers decided to look into the nature of these perceptions.

Scientists have found that sad or happy speech, as well as the music can be categorized in major and minor intervals. It turns out, saying law: "It is important not only what you say but how you say it"

In addition, it was found that the most commonly used musical scales are also based on the physics of the human voice. There is a strong biological link between the sounds of music and voice. People prefer the combination of sounds of music, which can be easily found in human speech.

This evidence suggests the main biological reason why we appreciate the music - an imitation of human speech. This reason, the scientists said, was crucial to the successful evolution.

To explore the emotional content of music, a team of researchers has created a database of major and minor melodies, consisting of approximately 1,000 works of classical music, and more than 6,000 folk songs and then analyzed their tonal qualities.

In addition, recordings were made of votes of ten people who were asked to speak a few words with some ten different vowel sounds and a few short monologues. Words and monologues had to say joyful and enthusiastic or sad and depressed tone.

The team then compared the tones that distinguished the major and minor melodies with the tones of speech in different emotional states. Scientists have found that the sound spectra of voice tones are very similar musical. That is, excited and happy it corresponded to a major musical key and subdued speech - a minor.

The tones in speech - the sounds of a periodic, harmonic oscillations. Vowels are created by passing air through the vocal cords, the consonants - in other parts of the vocal tract.

Researchers claim that the harmonic structure of vowel tones forms the basis of musical scales that we like the most. That is, the popularity of music can be predicted based on how well its tonal characteristics coincide with the harmonics of the vowel sounds of human speech.

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