A person can anticipate death


U.S. specialists from Brigham Women’s Hospital studied the common form of anxiety, so-called phobic anxiety, and found an interesting phenomenon. It turns out that middle-aged people with any phobias telomeres are shorter than the rest. Most likely, it is possible to accelerated aging and phobic anxiety provokes in people - the body is literally afraid of premature death, and the person feels it.

Telomeres are protein complexes located at the ends of chromosomes. Their function is to protect the chromosomes and the genetic information at the time of cell division. Scientists believe telomeres and biological markers of cellular aging. In addition, as the length of telomeres increases the risk of developing dementia, heart disease, cancer. The cause of death from old age, according to experts, is also a critical telomere shortening.

The new large-scale study, American scientists have studied blood samples from more than 5.2 million 42-69-year-old zhenschiin. They analyzed the phobic symptoms, participants in the experiment described in the questionnaire, and telomere length. It was found that people with severe phobic anxiety have much shorter telomeres.

As the author of the Olivia Okereke, the findings provide an answer to the question of how stress affects the rate of human aging. Of their study showed that between psychological problems (phobic anxiety), and premature aging there is a relationship. However, the researchers did not pursue the goal is to establish a direct causal relationship between rapid aging and stress - in order to confirm this, it is necessary to carry out a number of additional studies.

Results from U.S. scientists open the way for the further study of the influence of stress and psychological problems telomere length and hence the lifespan. Perhaps in the future, this knowledge will help experts in the creation of drugs that can protect people from the adverse effects of nerve stress on the body.

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