Red rain has passed in India


Residents of the Indian city of Kannur in Kerala witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon. The city suddenly swooped black clouds from which spilled on the ground, raindrops rich red color. And the rain water was so red that it seemed that it was the blood of animals mixed with water.

On the roads of red puddles formed, and the clothes did not manage to hide from the rain passers instantly blushed. The scientists took samples of water for analysis, but have not been able to explain. There are different theories of the origin of red rain, especially since this natural disaster happened in India is not the first time. First red rain poured down in that state in 2001. The second case was recorded five years later. And in the middle of this summer red rain again forced to talk about themselves.

While scientists could not explain the cause-and-effect relationships of this natural phenomenon. Experts from the University of Mahatma Gandhi suggested that rain is caused by unidentified molecular compositions that do not have DNA. There are adherents of alien origin of rain, claiming that the red drops on the planet came extraterrestrial life forms.

According to the materials

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