In Spain, the hotel opened for moviegoers


In the north-eastern Spain near the biggest city in Galicia Lugo in a small village opened an unusual hotel Hotel Mi Norte, where each room is decorated in the style of different films. The tourists coming to this region, it is possible to book accommodation in a room with your favorite movie characters.

You can spend vnomere dedicated to topics of the legendary spy saga of James Bond or settle down in a room decorated in the spirit of "Breakfast at Tiffany’s." There is a room that resembles a room to the smallest detail of the heroine of French romantic comedy "Amelie".

The residence has ten rooms, all of which are devoted to some of the legendary film. It offers a room dedicated to the movie "Manhattan", there is room for fans of "Romeo and Juliet." In the other rooms can be arranged by those who love the movie "Out of Africa", "lover", "Three Colors: Blue" and "All About My Mother."

The owner of this hotel Christina Torviso conceived to rebuild his father’s house, got to her by inheritance, eight years ago. Several years of hard work have transformed a dilapidated old house into a modern themed hotel. Movie-hotel is located in the resort area, so never have problems with occupancy. Visitors often line up to visit this unusual place.

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